At Barlow Barton we understand just how stressful purchasing a property can be. With the seemingly endless mortgage options available and ever more stringent criteria arranging the mortgage can often be the hardest part. We aim to take that stress away, researching the whole of the market to tailor make a solution that matches your needs; whether you’re purchasing your first home, moving up the property ladder, adding to a property portfolio or simply remortgaging. Follow the link for more information on the services available.

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Living too Long, by which we mean outliving your financial resources, is a fear from which many people suffer, without knowing how to plan to avoid arriving at this uncomfortable position in life. Pensions Plans can be arranged to take advantage of tax concessions leading to the creation of future lump sums, guaranteed income for life or access to taxable cash on demand. Whereas Pension planning used to mean Retirement more people are approaching older age with a more flexible view, considering working as a consultant or part time working as alternatives to full retirement.

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Often clients are unsure of the difference between saving and investing and the different parts they both play in building a financial plan. Medium term planning for personal life goals may include, children’s education and further education expenses, deposits for children’s first property, care home fees for parents, life-special events, such as a world cruise or retiring to a change of geographical location.

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The first cornerstone in any financial plan is to protect you, your family and your business against the possible impact of Ill Health, Incapacity or Death of you, your loved ones or your business partners.

The provision of protection insurance needs to make sure that the Right Money, reaches the Right Hands at the Right Time, this means most policies should be written in an appropriate Trust to make sure they achieve the objective we have identified at commencement.

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Everything you need to know about Auto Enrolment